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 Unhu School of Execution
Growth Hacking Program


Unhu School Of Execution


We covered everything from creating courses for the Growth Hacking Program and creating a video ad, and landing page to sending automated emails and SMSs to those who sign up. 

Key achievements


Rs. 55,000 in just 6 days of running the ad campaign


750 Leads


420 Enrollments

The Challenge

The online course that caters in building Careers & Entrepreneurs of the Next Generation faced a major issue when people weren't showing up for the webinar. By following a good marketing strategy, More students enrolled in the zoom call,by following phenomenal marketing strategies and the cost per acquisition actually went down and allowed higher margins. 


The Solution

We created organic funnels, by posting whatsapp statuses and Instagram stories and posts everyday, LinkedIn posts twice a week, broadcast messages, etc. 

The next step involved creating inorganic funnels, which includes Facebook and Instagram ads. Since, the Instagram ads were performing better, the Facebook ads were stopped. 

Aimed at content writers, copywriters, digital marketers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs under the age of 25, an Instagram ad was created for the Growth Hacking Program.

The inorganic strategy involves the recording and creation of an ad video. The structure, copy, and design of the landing page is created and the developed landing page is approved.

When people click on the ads, it leads them to the landing page. This landing page contains a Call To Action, for example, a signup form. 

Automated emails and SMSs that had a link to a Whatsapp group were sent to the leads from the landing page through Sendinblue. 

Two Whatsapp groups were created, since the number of members exceeded Whatsapp’s limit. Regular updates were sent in the Whatsapp group by sending group messages to create urgency for people to show up to the webinar and the Zoom link for the webinar was sent in the Whatsapp groups. The campaign was launched for 6 days. 


The Results

Through the landing page signup form, our team procured around 750 leads from the campaign. 420 people joined the Whatsapp groups, out of which 206 people showed up to the webinar. 155 people stayed until the end of the 1.5 hour webinar. We were able to convert 55 people right away, where each person paid Rs. 1,000. A total of 2,000 rs was spent on the ads per day. With an ad spend of Rs. 12,000, a revenue of Rs. 55,000 was generated.

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