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Property Vyapar


Property Vyapar


A strong marketing strategy that broke down all of the barriers of an average performing sector.

Property Vyapar, based out of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, aims to fulfill this innate need for a roof in every person by offering the lowest prices in the market for the best properties in Dehradun.

Key achievements


350 leads with just Rs. 3,600 ad spend


35 Quality leads in just 6 days


7 showups to the property

The Challenge

The Most Trusted Real Estate Dealers In Dehradun were not able to get clients for the past six months, after trying different strategies like cold calling and tried everything they could do. Through our marketing method, they actually got a lot of leads that could benefit them.


The Solution

The first step was to create organic funnels, by posting whatsapp statuses and Instagram stories and posts everyday, LinkedIn posts twice a week, and broadcast messages. 

The next step involved creating inorganic funnels, which includes Facebook and Instagram ads. 

The inorganic strategy involves the recording and creation of an ad video. The structure, copy, and design of a landing page was created and the developed landing page goes live after approval

Aimed at people aged 30+ and people that recently visited Dehradun, three ad sets were launched. One ad set targeted tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the north, one ad set targeted tier 1 and tier 2 cities in the South, and one ad set targeted all over India with main focus on Delhi, Gurugram and Dehradun. 

When people click on the ads, it leads them to the landing page. This landing page contains a Call To Action, for example, a signup form. 

Emails and SMSs that are already created and automated are sent to the people who sign up or click the Call To Action.

All the updates were provided through Telegram and Whatsapp groups.


The Results

We got around 350 leads at a cost of Rs. 200/day per adset → Rs. 600/ day. Out of a total of Rs. 3600 spent, 350 leads were procured, out of which 35 were quality leads, with whom the salesperson from the client’s team could connect with and eventually get seven people to show up to enquire about the property.

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