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Brief about the Brand

Perfect Bounce brings world class physiotherapy services by certified and experienced professionals.

The next decade belongs to sustained healthcare that detours from the conventional forms of medicine and concentrates on not only what is well but is preventive in nature - namely physiotherapy. We at Perfect Bounce believe in a holistic approach that is non invasive.

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The brand focuses on providing physiotherapy services in Bangalore. They had very less online reach in their location and were dependent on recommendations and word of mouth. That’s when they decided to go online with paid ads and contacted us (Doval Enterprises)

Market Research

We started off with doing market research to understand what competitors in physiotherapy service in Bangalore, we studied the organic and inorganic markets of competitors like CB Physiotherapy, ReLiva and Portea; to understand how they engaged with their audience.

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Trial Ad Campaign

During the Trail Ad campaign, we started off with a basic budget trying and testing out different objectives like Redirect Audience to the landing page, Call campaigns, Messenger lead gen, Lead gen form, google call ads and GMB ads; targeting different age groups, different work profiles and interests; and creatives containing graphics, video and gifs with different offers.

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Results from Trial

Google call ads gave the most conversion and FB IG messenger ads performed well and gave them good leads.

FB ads' audience is 20-45 years old working professionals in MNC and sports players.

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Changes From Data:

We focused on creating videos and graphics that contained their clinic to represent the quality of their service. While focusing on Google call ads, GMB and FB messenger ads.

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Result Optimisation

Ads optimisation is required as ads performance reduces after a while. This optimisation includes creatives, targeting and changing the target location. Facebook ads started to give poor-quality leads.

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Revenue Challenge

Due to Bangalore traffic, people from long distances avoid travelling to the clinic, which affected the conversion rate and cost per conversion increased.

Strategic Solution

We decided to reduce to distance to 5km and focus on GMB calls as it was giving proper conversion while restricting the budget to target audience in that small location.


With the ad spent of 18k, the perfect bounce team got a conversion value of 75k.

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As the conversions are coming through Google my business ads, we decided to scale their reach organically through Instagram and LinkedIn.

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