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Hotel Brentwood Christmas Package


Hotel Brentwood


During the new year's time, our team ensured to acquire a plethora of enquiries for Hotel Brentwood’s Christmas package, priced around rupees 12,000 to 25,000.

From managing the client’s social media to creating graphic and video ad campaigns, we got them all covered.

Key achievements


15 lakhs in revenue with minimal ad spend


4,500 Leads


100 Bookings

The Challenge

A beautiful 30 year-old luxury hotel, with a loyal clientele from offline channels was seeking more clients through online advertising, as well. A great way to increase the client base and gain more new customers was through online bookings.


The Solution

Organic funnels were created by posting whatsapp statuses and Instagram stories and posts everyday, LinkedIn posts twice a week, broadcast messages, etc. The updates were provided through Telegram and Whatsapp groups.

The next step involved creating inorganic funnels, which includes Facebook and Instagram ads. 

The inorganic strategy involves the recording and creation of an ad video. The structure, copy, and design of the landing page is created and the developed landing page is approved. 

Aimed at partygoers and nightlife enthusiasts from Punjab, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Dehradun, 4 sets of ads were created with a budget of 200 to 350 per day for each ad set.

When people click on the ads, it leads them to the landing page. This landing page contains a Call To Action, for example, a signup form. 

Emails and SMSs that are already created and automated are sent to the people who sign up or click the Call To Action. 

Hotel Brentwood’s social media was also managed by our strategic team, who also created graphic and video ad campaigns to display the premises.

Regular updates were sent through the Whatsapp and Telegram groups


The Results

Our team was able to procure 4,500 calls and out of which 100 bookings were received. 15 lakhs in revenue with a mere Rs. 7,500 spent in ad campaigns targeting. 

Here are some more results that we had generated for Hotel Brentwood.

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