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Helping your audience to get Inspired by You through Your Personal Brand

Position yourself as an Expert in your Industry.

Personal Branding is the practice of marketing people and their careers as brands. 

As Personal Branding Specialists, we work with Highly Impactful People of our society like Politicians, High Net Worth Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Doctors, Lawyers, Policy Makers, Innovators, Authors, Creative Artists & many more; to get their message across to their Target Audience regularly using several Online Channels. 

We all know the value that Elon Musk brings to Tesla, right? Also, the power of his one tweet that can make or break industries at times. That’s what I want for you.

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What is Personal Branding? Is it for Me? 

Okay, but how do you do that? 

Well, let me simplify it...

Step 1

We do that by creating strategic campaigns that’ll relate to their audience and build your Brand Authority. 

step 2

We share the script, edit & publish the videos, blogs & podcasts.

Step 3

We distribute your content on various social media channels where your audience is present to build your brand authority and trust amongst them.








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Here’s exactly how we help Personal Brands

scale up!

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The brain behind your brand: Kshitij Doval

Apart from being the Managing Director at Sales for Brands, a Marketing Agency where he’s worked with over 50+ brandsd already; he is also the Founder of Unhu School of Execution, an Online School to build Careers & Entrepreneurs; of the Next Generation. He himself teaches Copywriting, Persuasive Communication and Digital Marketing through Online Courses and Certification Programs to 1000s of students. 

Today, if he’s worked with 50+ brands, 75% of these clients reached out to him saying that they had seen his posts and then enquired about their requirements. 

He’s also been able to get 1200+ students enrolled, all because they followed him, consumed his content and believed in him. His regular pieces of content acted as a demo of the expertise that he had to exhibit. They trusted him and thus enrolled.

His Mission is to create 100,000+ Highly Inspiring Personal Brands.

Want Kshitij Doval to work on your Personal Brand? Send me a mail at

See What Others Have To Say


Kamal Bali,

Managing Director of Volvo

I heard Kshitij at NATCON event and he is very good and very articulate with good content & super delivery. Keep it up Kshitij!


Ratan Anmol Sethi,

CMO of Parksmart

Kshitij is very sorted Entrepreneur, where he exactly knows what goes best with what, and I feel it's the best quality an Entrepreneur can ever have.


Ashish Bisht,

Director of DHS weddings

Kshitij has really worked hard with his team for my brand, his suggestions and inputs in deciding the plan of action is appreciable. He is available for any doubts and discussions round the clock.

Here’s what the Package Includes:

  • 4 YouTube Videos With Fast Flow Editing, Accurate Subtitles, SEO Optimized Title & Description Added With Tags To Bring In Organic Traffic

  • 4 High Converting Blog Articles.

  • 4 High-Quality Podcasts

  • 30 Brand Awareness Tweets

  • 10 Attention-Grabbing Graphic Posts

  • 10 Carousel Posts To Provide Trust & Value to Your Brand.

  • 10 Instagram Reels

  • 12 LinkedIn Posts To Create Business Opportunities For Your Brand.

  • Replying To All Comments to increase engagements

  • 20 High Converting Email Templates.

  • 4 Captivating IGTV Videos.

  • 10 Video Posts To Make Your Brand Voice Strong On Social Media

  • 100+ Engaging Stories With Polls, So That Your Audience  Participates.

  • Social Media Management For Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin. Pinterest, Spotify, Quora, Medium, etc.

  • Well Researched & Unique Hashtags For Your Brand

  • Advance Content Scheduling

  • Strategic Content Planning To Bring Uniqueness To Your Brand.

  • Creative Photoshoot & Video shoot For Your Product/Brand.

  • Internal Slack Team Access For Greater Team Transparency 

  • WhatsApp Groups To Share Your Innovative Ideas & Disapprove any Post that you don’t like.

  • Content Bank Management Over Google Drive, So That You Can Have Chunks Of Content When Needed.

  • Reach Ads To Increase Your Brand Outreach.

  • Weekly Video Call

Even he landed his first client because of his Strong Personal Brand

My first 5 Figure Client  Saw This Video 👇👇  On Facebook 

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-12 at 10.52.59 AM

And Immediately Decided To Upscale Their Brand’s Presence to Generate More Revenue. Yes, We Helped Them To Achieve It


65 Booking In Less Than Rs.3,000 Ad Spent

**This resulted in a revenue generation of Rs.2,00,000+ With A 200% Return On Investment **

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-11 at 3.54.33 PM.

You can get the same results too for your business or brand when we work together and help you scale your brand 

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